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Unfair Mario Unblocked


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Unfair Mario Unblocked is an extremely frustrating game which is specifically developed to cause rage among game lovers. Its not an official Super Mario game but it is a fan based custom developed game which is extremely difficult to play. The developers of this game were actually inspired by another fan based hardcore Mario game known as Cat Mario. There are a lot of hidden traps and object which will net let you easily pass its levels.

Unfair Mario Unblocked Features

Due to it’s difficulty levels, people also know this game as Impossible Mario Unblocked. The best feature I love in this game is its graphics and sound quality. It looks almost real as the original Super Mario game which was developed by Donkey Kong Studio. Controls of this game are very smooth and you can control your Mario easily. The other amazing feature of this game is its difficulty level. The developers of this game set up a lot of traps intelligently which will cause extreme rage in you while you will be playing this game.

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