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Cat Mario Unblocked


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Cat Mario is an unofficial version of original Super Mario game developed by a Japanese student Chiku on his college’s cultural festival day. Cat Mario is known to be the most frustrating game as this game caused too much frustration. At first look you think this is a very easy casual Mario game but as soon as you start the first level, you will notice unidentified hidden traps which will kill your white little kitten suddenly.

Cat Mario Unblocked Features

Here on Shark Arcade you can play Unblocked version of Cat Mario Unblocked in which all six levels are included. This game have some cool positive features like its graphics, difficulty level of the game and hidden traps but there are also some negative features like bad sound quality which is quite annoying. Graphics are not good enough as well. Controls are not smooth at all. Over all it is a good game to test your memories and patience.

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